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아이폰에서 뉴스가판대 적용하는 API를 찾아도 딱히 안보엿다...

프레임워크도 나온지 일주일밖에 안되고 해서.. 자료도 너무 업넹

일단 뉴스가판대에만 올릴려면 아이콘 크기 바뀌고

UINewsstandBindingTypeNewspaper를 plist에 일단 추가한다는게 요약인듯..

그뒤에 APNS이용과 백그라운드 다운로드는... 좀잇다 봐야지.. 머리아프다...

property list reference에 대한 상세내용은 아래첨부파일에...

주소 링크

Newsstand Framework Kit

Newsstand FAQ

아래글 출처 :


iOS 5 includes a new icon on the Home screen: Newsstand. It looks similar to a folder showing miniature app icons, except that it has a wooden-bookshelf background. Applications that present magazine and newspaper content can be published in the Newsstand – they do not appear outside of the shelf like ‘normal’ applications. Users will discover and purchase Newsstand applications in a special section of the App Store.

Newsstand applications must have a subscription-based product offering to be accepted into the App Store. Apple has introduced ‘free’ subscriptions as part of Newsstand so that free content can be offered. In-app purchases of single issues can also be sold, as long as there is a subscription-based option available.


The Newsstand framework in iOS 5 offers the following new features for your application:

  • Newsstand app – Applications are presented on the Newsstand rather than with other application icons on the home screen.
  • Changing the cover icon – As new issues of your content are published the application can change the icon that appears in the Newsstand to reflect the latest issue.
  • Background downloads – Using Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) your server can notify the application when new content is available. The application can detect this via a special payload key and automatically download content in the background (over wi-fi only).
  • File management – Content is stored in the application’s Caches directory and managed by the operating system. Newsstand applications inform the operating system when each issue is read, so that the operating system can intelligently delete older/unused content when storage resources are low.
  • Atom feed to iTunes Connect – You can supply your issue data to iTunes Connect via an Atom feed rather than data entry. This ensures that the App Store can display the latest cover and issue information to new users.

Getting listed in Newsstand

Create a boolean key in the Info.plist file called UINewsstandApp with value Yes. The application will automatically be listed in the Newsstand app (and be evaluated against the Newsstand requirements when submitted to the App Store).

When a Newsstand application is uploaded to Apple there are additional features enabled in iTunes Connect to manage the application, including specifying the Atom feed URL to supply new issue information for display on the App Store.

Once an application has been submitted to the App Store as a Newsstand app, it will always appear in Newsstand and cannot be reverted to a regular application.

Managing Icons

Newsstand applications have two sets of icons: the primary icon that appears in Settings/Search and a Newsstand icon that appears on the shelf.

  • Primary Icon – The primary icon is a square image that is presented with rounded corners, similar to any other iOS application. This icon will appear in the Settings app (if you have any user settings) and in Search results.
  • Newsstand Icon – The Newsstand icon is intended to represent the cover of a newspaper or magazine and therefore has fewer shape restrictions. This icon should be updated by your code as new issues become available. You can affect the way it is displayed with the BindingType and BindingEdge keys.

The Info.plist for a Newsstand application with both icons will look something like this:

01 <key>CFBundleIcons</key>
02 <dict>
03 <key>CFBundlePrimaryIcon</key>
04 <dict>
05 <key>CFBundleIconFiles</key>
06 <array>
07 <string>Icon.png</string>
08 <string>Icon@2x.png</string>
09 </array>
10 </dict>
11 <key>UINewsstandIcon</key>
12 <dict>
13 <key>CFBundleIconFiles</key>
14 <array>
15 <string>Issue.png</string>
16 <string>Issue@2x.png</string>
17 </array>
18 <key>UINewsstandBindingType</key>
19 <string>UINewsstandBindingTypeNewspaper</string>
20 <key>UINewsstandBindingEdge</key>
21 <string>UINewsstandBindingEdgeBottom</string>
22 </dict>

You can also create the Info.plist entries using MonoDevelop. This screenshot shows the Info.plist included in the sample code in


This screenshot also shows the UINewsstandApp key (3rd row) and the UIBackgroundModes key (3rd from bottom) that are required for Newsstand applications.

Newsstand Push Notifications

Add this payload key to your APNS message to notify a Newsstand application that new content is available for download.

1 {'aps':{'content-available':1}}

and add a new entry      to the string array key UIBackgroundModes in your Info.plist. Handling this type of notification would normally involve starting a background download of the new content.

2011. 11. 08 추가

- 아이콘 디자인 크기

가로,세로 비율은 2:1 에서 1:2 사이.

긴 비율의 픽셀이 512, 90(180), 57(114) px 의 길이가 필요

2011. 11. 09 추가

프로퍼티 리스트 키명이 바껴잇다. 이 개놈 새퀴들

새로 개설할려는 분들은 동영상보고 하시는게 나을듯 합니다요
의 Building Newsstand Apps에 자세히 설명되어있습니다.

영어로... ㅡ_ㅡ

2011. 11. 10 추가

To submit a Newsstand app, you must offer at least one auto-renewable or free
In-App Purchase subscription. To set one up, click Manage In-App
Purchases on the App Summary page.

IAP가 꼭 들어가야되넹..

Select Type에 Free Subscription이 추가됨... 뉴스가판대때문에 생긴듯욤..?



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